freaknightphase1 Important Paradiso Ticket Information!

When Paradiso tickets go on sale on Monday at 10am PDT, there are a few VERY IMPORTANT things to note about the Ticketmaster page.

At the time of on sale, four differently-priced General Admission ticket tiers will be displayed on the ticketing page.  There are a limited number of tickets available at each price and the GA pricing tiers will become unavailable as they sell out. The different price tiers DO NOT include different amenities, so select the cheapest GA tier available when purchasing your tickets. Ticketmaster is doing this to accommodate the volume of people that will be purchasing tickets.  This will prevent any potential interruptions in available tickets.

IMPORTANT: select the least expensive option available when you go to purchase General Admission tickets.

All tiers will be on sale as soon as tickets are put on sale. For example: purchasing the third tier of GA tickets will not grant you any extra amenities than the first tier will, except the price of the ticket will be higher.   It is up to you to select the lowest price.

There will also be a CELESTIAL VIP tier and THE PARADISO EXPERIENCE VIP tier when tickets go on sale for those who wish to purchase VIP passes.

Happy purchasing, we can't wait to see you all at the Gorge this summer for Paradiso 2014!

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